Lunch Date at Central Park

What’s not to love when you have the chance to chill and enjoy even just for a day. The glory of having the time to be free from the academy and internship just to wander around the city.

It’s so priceless for me, especially that various peer or group’s requirements for school stresses me, plus the commitment and responsibility to where I’m having my OJT. You know you’re having that 50-50 statement when asked “how’s school, how are you, are you free,” just because you’re so distracted and  can’t answer or state a ‘yes’ properly.

You can clearly see these signage for you to be directed and locate easily the Restaurant

I’m so thankful to my sister Yanie who accompanied me to eat out in a restaurant even though her friends are inviting her out too. God, I’m so blessed for a thoughtful sister (yes, too sweet ate hahaha). We don’t go out a lot that’s why I’m taking such chances really memorable added that I’m a memory hoarder person.  Anyway, we went to Central Park Restaurant as first-timers. Honestly, I being their little sister would usually be the one who’ll introduce new things and places and they’ll just agree with me (that’s why I love them both).

Hi!!! Welcome to Central Park Restaurant.
IMG_4120 (2)
The ambiance was very inviting for you to dine. The staff’s also are approachable.

So, Central Park Restaurant is conveniently located in Carino street cor. Abanao Extension, Baguio City.

Now, may I share about our first time experience with them? By the way, I’m a frustrated cook at a young age, but wasn’t able to literally  speak it out, so please deal with the limited and short culinary description! ( Yes, please, do understand hahaha! If there are?)

Like what I’ve said it’s our first time, so we ordered food from their main course. As soon as our meal was served, I was surprised with their big serving. Oh God, I hope I can come back here again!!! Mine was the first one on the list, the Korean Beef Steak. It comes with a rice, a 2-piece big chicken Siomai and a Pansit Bihon (Chinese rice noodles).

IMG_4139 (3)
Korean Beef Steak with steamed Pork Siomai
IMG_4163 (2)
Steamed Siomai orders are being served directly to your table.

IMG_4164 (3)

I’m not a super fan of Korean cuisines, but my taste bud loves tasting some K-dishes. I like that their tasty beef steak has sesame seed dressing on top of it that just added more drama. I also enjoyed the siomai with its sweet & spicy paste. It makes me want toeat more. But wait, hahahaha  I love that their halo-halo has big servings too. So that’s it, I promise to visit next soon!!!!.

IMG_4146 (2)

IMG_4152 (3)
IMG_4158 (2)
Their Halo-halo was so delicious and “sulit”.
I savor their enticing food and commend their warm service. You might want to dine in there  too to taste Chinese and Asian cuisine’s in their menus such as: Dimsums, Dumplings,Noodles,Congee,Rice Toppings, Soup, Main Course, Roastings and Hotpot. They also accommodates reservation and service for big group and special occasions.
IMG_4166 (2)
For roasted lovers, you can pick your choice. There are also other menus not being captured by my camera hahaha.
IMG_4167 (2)
Vegetarian pips, here are some on their menu.
IMG_4168 (2)
Craving for vitamin-SEAfoods? hahaha Here are some of their offers.

Indeed a winner day for my tummy!


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