We had this requirement in our Photography Class to come up with a Travel-Mobile Photography. My partner and I decided not to leave Benguet since we both are quite familiar in most of the areas here. We had the full list of our itinerary but unfortunately it wasn’t useful because the places we’d like to feature first were closed. So, we started googling here and there and we’re able to find our amazing finale resort-Aran Cave.


Aran Cave is located in Camp 3, Tuba, Benguet and is a 40 mins-1 hr drive from Baguio City, Benguet. Since, you can easily google “abouts and facts” of the cave (lol), let me give you my quick tips too before you want to explore the cave.

1.  If you’re a certified adventurer, esp. if you’re physically fit, don’t miss to visit the place.  If you’ve visited the place after this-then I’m talking about you, the highlighted from this tip. Let me know from the comment below🙂.
2. Bring more friends ‘aka’ the more the merrier. More pictures, more interactive, more fun, lesser entrance fee🙂.
3. HAVE FUN and SHARE your experience too.🙂.

Here are some of our photos. (PS Its one of the places I’ve enjoyed a lot, that’s why I have fewer snaps. Aaaaand we do not have a waterproof cam during this adv as this was an unexpected trip. We only had a Canon 100D and our phones.

So, happppy Caving.



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