POWERHOUSE Productions Presents “Oktubiyahe 2016: Biyaheng Tuba “- Bridal Veil x Colorado Falls

       College productions especially when you’re halfway there (graduation yasss) are way that stressful, demanding and too much of a pressure. And it makes me happy enduring all those sleepless, penniless (oops!!) and restless days and nights. Aside from learning, I didn’t forget to  ENJOY and have FUN from every production.

    I’m thankful that my groupmates gave me the opportunity to host alone our travel-magazine show TRIP MO: #Oktubiyahe, for our TV Production Class (COMM 7). God knows, I am so blessed for this one successful show.  And I’m glad to share our amazing getaway  featuring the two beautiful falls here in Benguet- Bridal Veil and Colorado. Here are some of our snaps from the day I hosted it live and the BTS shots when we visited the falls.

Here is also the facebook link of the featured places in a VIDEO-WATCH IT HERE!   Video Editor: Jamaine Ferrer *Video/Photographer: Lauren Alimondo

Eenjoooy the trip and share/comment with your photos and experiences too!        God bless 🙂


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