About ME





Now, welcome to my random whereabouts. All of the escapades you’re seeing are what makes me love everything about my love to adventure of life. I see life like traveling that brings you to beautiful people, sundry places and worthwhile memories. This is me loving things and sharing them with all of you.

Ever since I was a child, I love seeing beautiful and happy things around me. May it be from going to another place or hearing different stories. Up until now, these teaches me to appreciate the little things around me.

My God, family and my friends are my greatest source of strength and happiness. My family didn’t spoil me with material things, but with all the great values and affection I’m happily living with. Also, there is no equivalent to finding friends who are going to be family-Shen, Abigail, Lorwin. I would do everything just to make these people happy and proud of all that I am.

People who know me call me “Callie”, “Clara”, Kaler”, Kalling”, but I prefer the first one. One of the few people I love hearing my nickname’s sound is my best friend Shen. I don’t know, maybe it’s the intonation or so, but nevermind, I love her that’s the most important.

Aside from listening to beautiful and inspiring stories, I love writing one and even enjoy reading it. I used to join oratorical speeches and declamation contests that boosts me to confidently enroll my degree of Communication Arts in college.

My favorite number is 3. I first attended school when I was three. I became closer to my friends now three-bffs’s when I was on my third year in high school. BTW, it’s one of my unforgettable year levels in HS. On my 3rd year in college I’ve gained a lot of friends and had the most challenging yet fulfilling student life. It’s one of those phases of our course where sleep wasn’t too giving and stress was way more generous. I thank God I survived haha.

What else do I like-or-love? I love sneaking out and spending some time to travel. It makes me alive and inspired. Spending some me-time-reading-time in a somewhere nice and quiet place is a yes yes. My fave sport is volleyball. Even though, I lack in height, I assume that playing with it ever since grade school to college (’till now) is justifiable lol. But I loooove it! I’m also a certified cook at heart. I want to pursue or at least learn how to cook professionally someday. I love being in the kitchen wearing those aprons and experimenting dishes or desserts hihi. I’m born ready for a modeling career (in case it happens)😁.It’s so fun posing  in front of a mirror, taking selfies, channeling my inner model soul.  So, yeah, maybe you could beap me up?lol . I love to see myself as a fitness enthusiast in the coming years. I’ve always wanted  to be part of PRC (or just be a blood donor, I think it’s great to help others- I’ve been trying to gain weight to donate but I was hospitalized with just 2kls left to qualify as one). And I want to have my own cutie patootie furry dog ♥♥ I would love to see myself  hosting events or as a broadcast journalist in the next years.

♥As I grow up, I’m learning to always welcome “change” because I know this will make and help me express myself in better ways and understand what’s going all around me.

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